Tell me, how familiar do the following statements sound:

“I don’t have time to blog.”

“Marketing stresses me out.”

“I know what I need to do, but I just don’t do it.”

Nodding your head? Then continue reading.

I have an action-oriented solution for you.

Welcome to #blog2teach online class and mastermind

where online teachers, coaches, infopreneurs, and other nerds work side by side to build blogs that matter so they can make a living teaching what they love

When they first get started blogging, most teachers and coaches miss the opportunity to educate, entertain, and sell to their ideal clients and students for one key reason:

They blog without a clear purpose.

Their random acts of marketing don’t lead anywhere and cost them tons of time and energy. Now, what you can do instead is to take that time and energy and invest it in helping real people AND selling your online courses and coaching packages at the same time. Imagine that.

No more trying to throw random posts together and hoping to make sales.

No more repressing your creativity and humanity for the sake of selling.

The thing is, marketing isn’t about yelling at random people or doing things that make you sick.

Marketing is about sharing your knowledge, experience, and stories (as a teacher/coach, you already know how to do that). It’s about structuring your content so that it reaches and helps more people. It’s about creating a clear, streamlined strategy that saves you time and energy so you can use it to serve your people. 

If you feel like this kind of marketing is something that may work for you, then you are at the right place.

The #blog2teach class is designed to help you

make your blog work as a part of your business

so that it’s not a burden, but a hard-working employee (who never sleeps)

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

6 modules that guide you through the six pillars of a successful business blog

Empathy with your reader

Become an expert in your audience so you can run a human-centred blog & biz that changes lives

Blogging intentions

Come up with content ideas your Dream Client can’t wait to read and organize them into an intentional editorial plan

Anatomy of a blog post

Transform your writing style from Wikipedia-like articles to conversational, engaging, and transformational posts

Writing process

Set up a procrastination-proof writing process + tools, habits, and systems that will help you blog consistently

Irresistible visuals

Create templates for images that support your writing, attract more readers, and make you look like a pro

Promotion, the humanized way

Make your blog findable by using the search engine optimization and other non-sleazy, humanized promotion techniques

This experience isn’t about information overload; it’s about creating systems that help you get the work done and get your voice out there.

Within each module, you’ll find:

A series of mini-lessons with specific action steps that help you move forward without overwhelm
Worksheets and prompts to help you gain clarity, put the writing/marketing tips in practice, and find your focus
Checklists, templates, and tools recommendations to help you create your own systems and save tons of time in the future
A final quiz designed as a workbook to help you remember what you have learned and sort out + record your thoughts

But what fun would that be if you should do it all alone? 

Well, you don’t have to.

The best part: the class comes with a mastermind


A private Facebook community

A place where you can meet new friends, show your work, collaborate, and ask questions

Personalized feedback and support

Need more help with your writing, content plan, or blog design? Struggle with WordPress? I’m here to help.

This program doesn’t create extra work; it focuses your work

After going through the exercises, you’ll have created:

+ A running list of original blog post ideas your Dream Client can’t wait to read

+ An editorial plan organized in an online or offline tool of your choice

+ Your blog style guide to ensure voice consistency and build trust

+ Blog image templates

+ A blog post template for procrastination-free writing

+ A journal of creative ideas, metaphors, and stories that will bring your content to life

+ A writing process (from the first line to hitting “publish”) mapped and organized in an online or offline tool of your choice

+ A stress-free promotion process

+ Checklists for editing, promotion, and formatting your blog for readability and SEO

+ Momentum

+ Friends

This is for you if…

  • You want to use your blog to market your infoproducts (e-books, workbooks, online courses) and services (coaching programs, 1:1 lessons, tutoring packages, workshops, and more)
  • You love teaching and writing
  • You don’t like hard selling and want to connect with your clients on a human-to-human level, knowing that building trust takes some time
  • You’re willing to do the work

This is not for you if…

  • You want to learn how to set up hosting or a WordPress website from scratch
  • You hate writing
  • You want to learn how to make 6 figures blogging, quickly
  • You are looking for an easy and quick fix
  • You want to consume content without “getting your hands dirty”
  • You aren’t willing to put progress over perfectionism and community over competition

Your guide

I’m Veronika Palovska, a nerd, writing teacher, blogger, designer, and the founder of Do You Speak Freedom. I help entrepreneurs who teach online package and brand their expertise, market it through addictive educational content, and sell it to their dream clients. I’ve been writing for my entire life: I self-published my first book when I was 5. Who cares there was just one copy that I created from an old notebook. It was awesome. So I continued writing.
In the spring of 2016, I started my blog with a big fat ZERO on my email list and my page views counter + the same feelings and doubts you struggle with at this moment. I sold my first program in the third month and got booked out by my dream clients in the sixth month of blogging.
And now I’m here to guide you through the steps that took me from zero to this moment – you reading my words – so you can meet your Dream Client as soon as possible.

 If that sounds like a plan to you, this class will help you make it happen.

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If you, for any reason, find out that the class isn’t a good fit for you, I’ll send you your money back. 

Just please let me know no longer than 21 days after your purchase. Thanks!